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Maybe you should have checked the jump drive before you left, Richardo. A new year and a new posting schedule! Itsy Bitsy Adventures update schedule is now every second Monday. and if all works out, it’ll become every Monday.

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Come one guys, do you have to be so rough with the merchandise? At least give her concussion a chance to heal before you give her another. Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, my ISP thought it would be funny to cut off my internet for 3 days. Don’t worry though, I won’t be missing… Continue reading Page 74

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Nice catch! Itsy Bitsy Adventures is back, baby! I had to take a sudden hiatus due to the extreme circumstance that was my grandmother being hit by a car. It all happened so fast and I was absolutely not prepared. Lucky for my grandmother, she was just down the street from our house and there… Continue reading Page 76

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A little delayed, but not much can be done when life is throwing sticks in you bicycle spokes. In other news, I’m working on some cool stuff on the sidelines that could turn my life long dreams into reality! More on that later though. ;3

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A week late, but not lost. Pages may be a bit sporadic on the upload schedule while I start my new job. So don’t worry if you don’t see a page right on the scheduled post date for the next little while. Everything will go back to normal soon enough. Thank you for your understanding!… Continue reading Page 78