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Hey everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying the story so far! First, I wanted to say thanks to my awesome Patreon supporters! Without your help, I wouldn’t be where I am now. :3 And now I’d like to remind all my new readers that you can see each update a week in advance by becoming a… Continue reading Page 54

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Wow, Bitsy Poof, you have quite the aim. Not that you wanted to hit the robot or anything, but I think it probably would have been a bit more productive in your overall situation, no? Itsy Bitsy Tidbit Bitsy Poof is left Hoofed(handed). Which is something I, the artist, only just realized. And I’ve subconsciously… Continue reading Page 58

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[ INSERT ESCAPE THEME HERE ] With the threat level rising, Richardo and his partner make their way off world. But what is this threatening behemoth he was talking about? What makes it so dangerous? Stay tuned, as we will find out just what’s in store in the last few pages of chapter 4! I… Continue reading Page 60

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The end is nigh! Escape while you still can! :U While this page didn’t take me all that long to make, I really like it. It doesn’t tell all that much more, but it shows both escape events and how different they are. Richardo with his junk craft and the villain with their teleportation technology.… Continue reading Page 61

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Who are they? What kind of ACT are they talking about? What could all this mean? And where’s Lollie Pop? So many questions, and so few answers. But it seems as though everything is falling into place for the menacing villain. What could their plans be for our heroes and how will it all play… Continue reading Page 62