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Itsy Bitsy Tidbit: Page 1 was first released on December 29th, 2012, and it contained a fully hand drawn title graphic at the top and looked absolutely terrible. But was later redrawn and split into 2 pages after chapter 3 was completed. You can still see the first page in all it’s ugly glory by… Continue reading Page 1

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Itsy Bitsy Tidbit: Bitsy Poof was originally created as a stand in doodle character for an ask blog which was slowly moving to the backburner. About 2 days after her creation, Itsy Bitsy Adventures was created and her original roll was abandoned. A few months after the start of the comic the ask blog was… Continue reading Page 2

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Itsy Bitsy Tidbit: Itsy Bitsy Adventures started as an idea for a slice of life story. But, as with most of my projects, it soon exploded into what it is today. Unlike most of my projects, I stuck with Itsy Bitsy Adventures, slowly adding to it and pinning down certain key events which will take… Continue reading Page 3

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Itsy Bitsy Tidbit: The two background characters seen here are from two artists who I follow. I needed two characters for the scene and wanted to get my audience involved a bit. Things didn’t work out to what I’d hopped, so I settled for the cameo plan (With permission of course). The artists were absolutely… Continue reading Page 4

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Itsy Bitsy Tidbit: During the early pages of the comic, I was experimenting with a lot of different things and since I didn’t think it was necessary to cover the time between the candy store and theater, I did the little time laps panel. Needless to say, it’s a little weak, but it does do… Continue reading Page 5

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Itsy Bitsy Tidbit: The comic originally updated every Saturday night or Sunday morning. But I would procrastinate during the week and would end up sketching, drawing and writing the dialogue last minute in one or two sittings, having to post the update immediately after finishing the page. With no spell checking or early planning, it’s… Continue reading Page 6