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Itsy Bitsy Tidbit: Time Sprites were originally going to show up in this scene, but I eventually decided to hold off on revealing the spices until later chapters. On another note: Sal is a super nerd and has merch of all kinds of popular celebrities all over the place. I wonder if anyone will be… Continue reading Page 47

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Oh Sal, we all love your ridiculous accent! Itsy Bitsy News! One page left in Chapter 4! Get yourself into the zone! Starting tomorrow(November 6th), you’ll have a chance to get your Itsy Bitsy Adventures fanart featured during the month of December, while I get the brand new chapter of Itsy Bitsy Adventures rolling! Find… Continue reading Page 66

December Fanart – Sal E. Mandel

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And here is Annie’s second piece! And I know you all could tell who it was right away! And a big Merry Christmas to go with it! A little delayed, but still here. Things are a little crazy with Christmas coming in the next week, so this will be quite short. Updates for 2017 Chapter… Continue reading December Fanart – Sal E. Mandel