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Maybe you should have checked the jump drive before you left, Richardo.

A new year and a new posting schedule!

Itsy Bitsy Adventures update schedule is now every second Monday. and if all works out, it’ll become every Monday.

December Fanart – Sal E. Mandel

December Fanart – Sal E. Mandel published on No Comments on December Fanart – Sal E. Mandel

And here is Annie’s second piece! And I know you all could tell who it was right away!

And a big Merry Christmas to go with it!

A little delayed, but still here. Things are a little crazy with Christmas coming in the next week, so this will be quite short.

Updates for 2017
Chapter 5 will begin on January 2nd, and post every second Monday.

Links to all my social Media Locations will be added to the site, making it easier to find me online.

New “Buddy Link” spaces will be added.

Complete overhaul of my Patreon page for the new year.

December Fanart – S.A.S.S.

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Hello everyone!

With Chapter 4 over, and the holidays kicking off, I thought it would be nice to display some of the awesome fanart that Itsy Bitsy Adventures has obtained so far! And to start, I’ve got a piece that was drawn by Annie, the daughter of one of my best friends!

This is actually one of the two characters she drew, so stay tuned for her second piece!

If you like Itsy Bitsy Adventures and have some fanart you want to submit, send it on over through email, or direct message through any of my social media profiles!

Itsy Bitsy Adventures will return to its normal scheduled programming in January 2017.

Happy Holidays!

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The end of Chapter 4!?

OH COME ON! Not another cliffhanger! This guy just loves cutting off the story just as it’s getting good.

Well, I guess you’ll all have to wait for chapter 5 to find out! :V

It’s winter! Looks like I need to update the page design to accompany that! :3

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Oh Sal, we all love your ridiculous accent!

Itsy Bitsy News!

One page left in Chapter 4!

Get yourself into the zone! Starting tomorrow(November 6th), you’ll have a chance to get your Itsy Bitsy Adventures fanart featured during the month of December, while I get the brand new chapter of Itsy Bitsy Adventures rolling!

Find all the details for THIS EVENT on the Itsy Bitsy Adventures FACEBOOK PAGE!