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What’s new in 2019 (Update)

What’s new in 2019 (Update) published on No Comments on What’s new in 2019 (Update)

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give you all an update with what’s going on and what’s coming soon.
So I’ve put together this neat little post to tell you all about it.

– S T R E A M I N G –

Streaming is something I really enjoy doing, but my motivation to do so has been pretty low, and because of this, my projects also suffer, as I have no “Overseeing” mass of people watching me as I work. This is something I need to be able to be productive enough to maintain an active online presence, and it’s something I REALLY want as a person who has been struggling in everything outside of anything artistic. I’ve already got a streaming schedule put together, but I’ll need to do some testing to see what times work the best for myself and my viewers.

– P A T R E O N –

Yes, that crazy little site that can make or break a content creators career online. Well don’t worry, cause I’m not making it my sole focus as a method of income. But I am going to reopen it more as a support box rather than a place to get exclusive content. Not to say I won’t be making the occasional Patreon exclusive piece, it just won’t be the main attraction.

– C O N T E N T –

I’ve got some new content on the way in addition to the stuff you all know about already.

  1. Mini comics based around the individual characters in Itsy Bitsy Adventures. Telling their back stories and introducing them in a more manageable fashion.
  2. A slice of life webcomic meant for the more casual but mature readers. A story dealing more with the every day life in the city.
  3. A retro adventure platformer, designed for both standard and hard core members of the gaming community.

And more to be announced at a later time.

But this seems like a good enough place to end this update.
If all goes well, you’ll be seeing more frequent updates.

Thank you all for sticking with me, and I hope to see you next week when I start putting my new streaming schedule into action!


~ Sterling-Thorne (SilverBlaze) McKay

Page 78

Page 78 published on 4 Comments on Page 78

A week late, but not lost.

Pages may be a bit sporadic on the upload schedule while I start my new job. So don’t worry if you don’t see a page right on the scheduled post date for the next little while. Everything will go back to normal soon enough.

Thank you for your understanding! ♥

Page 77

Page 77 published on No Comments on Page 77

A little delayed, but not much can be done when life is throwing sticks in you bicycle spokes.

In other news, I’m working on some cool stuff on the sidelines that could turn my life long dreams into reality! More on that later though. ;3

Page 76

Page 76 published on No Comments on Page 76

Nice catch!

Itsy Bitsy Adventures is back, baby!

I had to take a sudden hiatus due to the extreme circumstance that was my grandmother being hit by a car. It all happened so fast and I was absolutely not prepared. Lucky for my grandmother, she was just down the street from our house and there were other people around to call 911.

It’s taken months for my grandmother to recover, but she’s doing extremely well. My mom and I hope to have her back home soon.

In other news!

Itsy Bitsy Adventures Volume 2 will be completed by December and hopefully printed for the holiday season!

Page 74

Page 74 published on No Comments on Page 74

Come one guys, do you have to be so rough with the merchandise?

At least give her concussion a chance to heal before you give her another.

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, my ISP thought it would be funny to cut off my internet for 3 days. Don’t worry though, I won’t be missing my schedule anymore. You can count on that.


News, Updates, and Schedule!

News, Updates, and Schedule! published on No Comments on News, Updates, and Schedule!

The Katbox is finally back in working order, thanks to the efforts of Mihari and ID! I’d like to welcome you all back with some news.

As you may have noticed, the page looks a little different from how it did before. That’s because I’ve changed a few details and added some others! You’ll now find links to all the other sites where you can find me as well as a link to my patreon where you can help support the comic!

With all of that nifty stuff, I’ve also got space to link to other comics that I or some close friends are creating.
In addition I’ll also have space for “mutual link backs” to comics. So if you’re a comic creator and want to get some more traffic, send me a message on any of my social media locations.

The schedule has also been solidified as every second Monday, with an increase to every Monday when my Patreon reaches $1,000/month.

And that’s all for now! Thanks for reading.
I hope you all continue to enjoy Itsy Bitsy Adventures.

=Sterling-Thorne (SilverBlaze) McKay